When It All Ends


Belinda Ophelia Estrella was just a normal student… or so she thought. Kahit hindi niya alam kung bakit, pumayag siya sa kahilingan ng mga magulang niya na mag-aral sa Academia de Mondragon. And when she was finally inside the school, things just got even more confusing. There was hierarchy and people were just supposed to blindly follow. She didn’t want to cause trouble, so she just minded her own business… until she caught the eye of Augustus Voltaire Ostenhaimer.

She thought she found love, until she realized she didn’t. And when she got her hurt broken and her trust shattered, there’s nothing that could stop her from taking what’s rightfully hers.

8 thoughts on “When It All Ends”

  1. Pwede po ba i-self-publish niyo ulit ‘tong When It All Ends? Kahit hindi na hard bound. I really want to have a copy of this book of yours. Thank you and more power, Eydee!

  2. I want to have a copy of this book. Can’t wait for august sana affordable on students like me haha ❤

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