What You Can’t Have – Chapter 18

What You Can’t Have

Chapter 18

It had been four hours since that incident, but the image was still inside my head. It was being played over and over and over again. I could still picture the way that woman was straddling Zach—her head thrashed back and the way her eyes were dilated. God! How was I supposed to work if every time I look at my boss, I could clearly picture him pleasuring a woman?! This was insane!

“You okay?” Zach asked. He had the nerve, this guy. As if I didn’t see him sucking a woman’s breasts just a few hours ago! “You look flushed.”

I tried to calm myself. I tried to level my breathing. If he would know what was going on inside my mind, I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. One thing I learned about Zach, he’s serious about working… but he’s also damn serious about playing. He’s a walking contradiction.

“I’m fine,” I answered. “I’m just… I guess I’m tired.”

“How can you be tired?” he asked, crossing his arms against his chest. “You’ve been sitting the whole day.”

I shot my eyebrows up. “Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.”

But that glint in his eyes told me that he’s thinking about something nasty. It showed on his face! And he wasn’t even making any efforts to hide it. “Sure, sure.”

There were still lots of things to do. The clock was ticking and I only had a few minutes left before Adam picks me up. I wanted to finish everything, but at the same time, I wanted to get ahead of my works… Though a little part inside me reminded me about how I didn’t want to end up like my parents. I loved working. I loved what I was doing—though I just began… but I didn’t want my whole life to revolve around this. I needed to keep my eye on what was important.

A clean division between work and my personal life, that was what I needed.

“What?” I asked when I could still feel Zach looking at me. I was piling the papers that I would be reviewing tomorrow. My work was pretty easy; it was the load that was making it a bit demanding.

“I was just thinking…” he trailed off. “If you get tired easily, does that mean that you’re not getting enough exercise?”

That smug look he was sporting, I knew he was up to something.

“So? What are you trying to say?”

He shrugged. “Doesn’t your husband exercise you enough?” My eyes widened when I realized what he meant! This dirty, dirty guy! I knew he was dirty, but needed he bring that to the office?! Weren’t we supposed to be formal here? But what did I know? I just saw him screwing someone!

“How can you make everything dirty?” I said, vehemently shaking my head.

He threw me a wink. I almost gagged. “It’s a talent, Mrs. Walton.”

The next minutes were spent trying to ignore Zach. And I succeeded—well, kind of. I was about to bid my goodbye. Adam was already waiting for me outside when the phone rang. I answered it.

“Good afternoon. Lathkins & Smith. How may I help you?” I politely said.

“Where’s Zach.”

I covered the receiver with my palm and looked at Zach. He was reading something on his desk. “Zach,” I called his attention. He looked at me. “Phone,” I whispered. And then he mouthed ‘name.’ “May I get a name?”

The lady on the other end of the line hissed. “Give me Zach!”

“She’s angry!” I mouthed.

“Drop the call,” he mouthed back. My eyes widened. What if this was a client?! I really couldn’t understand how his mind worked! And when I didn’t end the call like he asked, he walked towards me and ended the call himself.

“Are you crazy?!” I shouted.

“That’s just probably some girl,” he nonchalantly said.

“Some girl?” He nodded. “And why is this girl calling the office phone?” He shrugged. “I can’t believe you!”

He winked at me again. I quickly grabbed my things before Zach could even attempt to further destroy my day. I heard him calling behind me. That only made me walk faster.

My mood only began to lift when I saw Adam waiting for me. He was sitting on the concrete bench in front of the building. With this legs crossed, he still looked so fucking manly. I didn’t know how he could do it. He was fiddling with his phone—as if he was debating on whether he’d text or call somebody. I fished for my phone and dialed his number. I almost laughed when I saw his reaction. He almost dropped his phone when it vibrated. So, he was waiting for my call…

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” he replied.

“I’m sorry, something came up.”

“No, it’s OK,” he said. He stood up and then began pacing. I could see eyes watching him. Sometimes, I forgot that he’s not just the guy I married… that for other people, he’s the Adam Walton. It’s just that he made it so easy to forget about his status when we’re together. “I can wait,” he continued.

A small smile formed on my face. “For how long?”

“As long as you need.”

I raised a brow. “Really?”

I could see him smiling. And I could see women eyeing him suggestively. That’s right. That’s my husband.

“Yeah…” he replied. “Brought my laptop with me. I could work while waiting.”

Shaking my head, I began to head his way. “No need to wait,” I said as I went nearer. His head snapped at my direction. My smile only grew wider when I saw him looking at me. Only me. Damn it… I really fucking love him. “I’m here.”

But instead of answering, he went near me and kissed me. And as soon as our lips met, I forgot about the crowd of people looking at him… at us. All I cared about was him kissing me and how much I missed this. I missed having him this close… I missed his lips touching mine…

God, I missed him so much.

I answered every kiss with equal intensity. I opened my mouth and let him kiss the shit out of me. Damn the people around us. I answered every stroke of tongue, every movement of his lips… I was drowning… So fucking bad and I didn’t even needed saving. Hell, I didn’t want saving.

And when our lips parted, something felt missing.

“I missed you,” he said, his forehead leaning against mine.

I smiled and reached for his lips. I kissed him chastely this time. “I missed you, too.”

UPON REACHING home, dinner was served but that was the least of our priorities. We almost ran upstairs and as soon as the door closed, clothes were thrown at the floor… at the bed… I didn’t know anymore. All I could think of was how his hands felt good against my skin, how his lips felt good against mine. How his erection felt so fucking good against the heat of my core. God, I needed him so fucking bad.

Wrapping my legs around his waist, I trailed kisses down his neck. “I need you,” I repeatedly said. “God, Adam, I need you inside me.”

“I know,” he replied, pulling my panties down and caressing my clit. “You’re so wet, Bree.”

I ground against his hand, feeling the friction against my aching core. God, I needed him inside me! This anticipation was going to be the death of me!

“Oh shit,” I said when he inserted two fingers and started pumping. “Oh… yes, Adam… Oh, my god,” I hysterically said as his fingers began to do their magic. I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in the sensation. Pumping his fingers in and out… oh shit… and when he brushed his thumb against my clit, I was a fucking goner.

“Adam, I’m so close…” I moaned. He circled his thumb and pumped harder.

“Go on, Bree…” he whispered against my ear. “Come for me…”

My head was swirling. I was on the edge… and when he flicked his thumb… shit.

I was still drowning with the sensation when he began walking. I felt the mattress on my back. Adam was standing before me, his eyes dark with lust. It was mirroring mine. It had been too long… too fucking long.

“Take off the boxers, babe,” I mewled. And when he took that off, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. My throat suddenly felt dry… God. And when his hand started to stroke it, I felt a pang of jealousy inside me. I wanted to stroke it. I wanted to hold it. Damn it!

“No foreplay tonight, Adam,” I begged. His hand was rigorously pumping his cock. I could see the moist tip. That fucking belonged inside my mouth! “Please.”

A small smile appeared on his face.

“Are you begging, Mrs. Walton?”

I nodded.

“Just come here and fuck me.”

And then he took a step closer.

“Don’t do it slow tonight, Adam… I want you to fuck me.”

And not one second later, he flipped me over and made me kneel. I groaned when I felt his cock inside me—his thick and glorious cock. He pumped in and out of me—each time was rougher than the last.

“Yes, Adam, that’s it. Fuck me, babe. Fuck me hard,” I repeated again and again. I was lost in the sensation and I didn’t want to be found. All I cared his thumb gently caressing my clit as his cock rammed inside my core. I bucked my hips against him, trying to match his rhythm. Every groan coming out of his mouth felt like a delicious invitation. I kept on grinding while he was pounding hard, both of us rushing to catch the orgasm. My mind was blank—the carnal pleasure of him fucking me was all I could remember.

And when I came again, he groaned when my core clenched around his cock. He buried his head against my shoulder and bit me. “Fuck,” he moaned.

My chest was heaving. I came twice tonight already and Adam still hadn’t. I was tired, but there’s no fucking way that I’d sleep without getting him off. So I pushed him on the bed and straddled him. I reached for his cock and caressed the tip with my fingers.

“Tired?” I asked, stroking and caressing.

“No fucking way,” he moaned and then closed his eyes.

I reached for his cock and enclosed it inside my mouth. His cum tasted salty… It tasted like Adam. I swirled my tongue around it and gently grazed my teeth against his shaft. Seeing how Adam threw his head against the pillow, his lips parted in pleasure only urged me to continue what I was doing. I bobbed my head up and down. I forced his shaft until I felt it in my throat. “Fuck!” he groaned. “Holy fucking shit!” I felt like gagging, but I didn’t stop. I took him further. I took him as far as I possibly could.

“Bree, I’m coming…” he moaned. “Shit.”

I wanted to feel him come inside me, but even before he could, he pulled his cock from my mouth and then pulled me close to him. My lips parted when I felt him inside me. “Ride me,” he ordered, those dark eyes looking directly at me.

And I did. I fucking rode him until he came deliciously inside me. God, this was why makeup sex is the best.

WHEN MORNING came, I looked at Adam who was still asleep beside me. I didn’t let him sleep until dawn. We had a lot of time to make up for. I gently placed a kiss on his mouth and stood up. We still had an hour before we both head to work. I was about to go to the comfort room to brush my teeth when my phone vibrated.


“Oh, good, you’re already awake.”

“Zach?” I looked at the time. It was 7 o’clock in the morning! “Yes, yes. Be here in 10 minutes.”

My forehead creased. “It’s 7 am.”

“I am aware,” he replied.

“My work starts at 9.”

“I am also aware. But as long as you’re under me,” he said almost suggestively. I clutched the sheet against my naked body. God, he really made everything sound dirty! “Consider me a regular intruder,” he continued. “We have a meeting. See you in 10,” he said before ending the call. I guessed sex in the shower wouldn’t be a possibility anymore.

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