What You Can’t Have – Beginning

What You Can’t Have


I had always dreamt about my dream wedding.

About how the church would be filled with pink tulips arranged perfectly at every part…

About how I would be wearing a gown and the trail would be cascading beautifully behind me…

About how I would be walking down the aisle while being serenaded with the violin version of A Thousand Years.

And it would be beautiful. Because I would be sharing it with the people I hold dear that most. And because at the end of the aisle, the man I loved the most would be there waiting for me.

Waiting for me. Waiting for us.

I got all of those.

I got my perfect wedding. I got my prince. I got my happily ever after.

But what they forgot to tell me was that after afew years of happily ever after camethe reality.

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