Twenty Facts About Me

I asked the twitter universe for a topic, and someone asked me to write ‘Twenty Facts About Myself.’ I think I already did this before, but I’d like to think that I had grown up since then… Probably some things changed about me… and I’m hoping that it’s for the best.

So, here are twenty facts about me!

  1. I was really supposed to be named Ariella, which was after my Dad’s name, Ariel. It would’ve been cooler!
  2. I’m so hopeless at Science! I remember when I was in my second year in college, I was taking notes when the professor mentioned the word phloem. I had to stop writing because I didn’t know what the spelling was! I was so embarrassed of myself!
  3. I was supposed to take up Accountancy in college, but I had to fight my mom because I didn’t want that. She couldn’t force me to study what I didn’t like. Thankfully, that worked in my favor.
  4. Took a gap year after college before law school… and that was seriously the most productive year of my life!
  5. I have trust issues. So bad.
  6. Had my first heartbreak when I was in high school. It was so traumatic. Hated people for a while because of that lol
  7. I cried so bad when I got my first failed exam in law school. Not to be braggy, but I never failed in any exam in my life… until law school.
  8. I pay for my own tuition from college up to law school. I like to help my parents because why not?
  9. Got my own car at the age of 21, but until now I can’t drive! Am planning to, but it’s so scary lol
  10. live for spaghetti! I don’t care what people say, but I’ll seriously eat spaghetti. I don’t care what it looks like or what it tastes like. I’ll eat it.
  11. I don’t eat apples, and my friends think it’s weird… but apple tastes so bland for me.
  12. I like buying books, but I don’t always read them. I just like displaying them because books!!
  13. I bring alcohol everywhere. I don’t like the thought of my hands being dirty.
  14. I definitely don’t like keeping my nails long. It bothers me so much. If I feel like my nails are already long, it will bug the hell out of me until I cut them.
  15. I once cut my hair so short, and I’ll never do that again. Worst decision ever!
  16. I have my own house! But it’s actually for my family, a gift for my parents. I’ll save up for mine.
  17. I don’t like taking pictures of myself because it’s really weird for me. I’d rather take photos of what’s in front of me.
  18. I wanna be a prosecutor someday, but I’m really worried about my family. I don’t want them getting involved in my mess.
  19. I don’t like being cold. I’d seriously rather sweat than be cold.
  20. And lastly, I am a nice person. In person. Sometimes, people probably don’t like my internet persona, but I seriously think that I’m a cool person to hangout with (lol)

So, that’s it for now. If you have any more question, please comment, and I’ll reply as soon as I can! Thanks x

52 thoughts on “Twenty Facts About Me”

    1. Yup, sure! Maybe in my next articles 🙂 As in pre-law ba kasi magiging about college life ko yun hahaha

      1. pre-law + law school ??? hahaha mga advice din po sa mga nagbabalak magtake ng law hihi ( dami kong request luh )

  1. I don’t like taking photos of myself either! Also, thanks for the spaghetti fact. Now I know what to get you when we finally meet :(( I love you, please keep being who you are! You are such an inspiration to me and your readers!

  2. Waaaaaaah! The feeling is mutual Ate. Hahaha feeling ko may connection tayo de joke lang po. We’ve similarities in those facts of yours po. Honestly, I do appreciate of your works kasi po feeling ko (assumming po ako :D) ako po ung nasa story at relate na relate po ako. Thank you po for sharing your works to us. Lovelots po

  3. yung fact #6!! ate, du’n mo po siguro nakukuha yung hugot at feels sa mga libro. pero bayaena, mahahanap mo rin po yung for you!! hahaha lols. luv u ate!! ❤

  4. Gosh same sa number 18 tho I want to be a lawyer but I’m scared for my life because daming nangyayari ngayon :((

  5. omg same sa number 18 tho sa pagiging lawyer naman. i want to be a lawyer but i’m scared for my life because things are getting weirder and weirder :((

  6. Thank you for making this site. Nag e-enjoy me magbasa. Really big thanks for putting what you can’t have here! And also, yung thoughts! It’s really nice to get to know you even more!

  7. Ate same tayo. Gusto ko ring maging prosecutor kaso natatakot ako na baka may mangyaring masama sa family ko pag yun ang kinuha ko. Kaya I’m still confused kung ano ang kukuhain ko na course sa college.

  8. Hi ate if you ever need help with business law and taxation, i’ll try my best to help. Hahahahaha susundan kita sa law school pag may lakas na ako ng loob lol

    1. Thanks! Sobrang nalilito ako sa commercial law hahaha do try law school! It’s fun kahit hirap sometimes 🙂

  9. Hi Ate Ariesa! I hope to hang out with you soon. Lol jk. I really love your works and I hope na ma-meet na kita in the future

  10. I was shookt when I read the fact na you were supposed to take up accoutancy hehe medyo kinilig ako Sana ma-ishare mo rin po saamin yung pre-law at law school life mo hihi and some of your study habits and how to save money effectively. Thank you po! ☺️

    1. Thank you! 🙂 In my next articles, I’ll definitely talk about law school (and maybe saving because a lot of people are asking haha)

  11. I literally say ‘Wow’ to number 3 , I really admired you there. I remember during my first meeting with my college students,my very first question that i asked to them is ‘are you sure with your degree program? Do you really like it?’ And it makes me sad hearing them say like ‘Hind po talaga eto gusto ko,kasi eto po gusto ni mama’. I always told them that try to reflect with what you really want because honestly it will affect your future and mahirap pag di mo gusto ginagawa mo. That’s why i salute you for that ate,you fought for what you really want. I really admire you as a person,just by reading your stories (btw i already read all of ur stories coz i’m a fan of yours) i already know that your great person. Keep inspiring people

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it’s really hard to do something you really don’t want to do because most usually, you’ll get burned out kasi you don’t like what you’re doing. Hoping that everyone can just stand up for themselves, and do what they really want to do. Life’s short.

      1. Ate. . .I fvcking did. But all they can see is that di talga ako nnagseseryoso sa studies like whut? Diko nga po kaya yun Inay, Itay! mahirap nga din naman ang colloege pero kase mas masarap magpakahirap sa alam mong pahihirapan mo ng buong heart-heart! hahaha

  12. CPA here! Haha. Somehow it is my choice but not really. But I learned to love Accounting naman. Would love to read about law school! I’m planning to pursue law din. Hehe. Thanks Miss A.

    1. Thank you! I know accounting’s really hard because I know a lot of accountants. You should be really proud of yourself. Hirap makatapos dyan 🙂

  13. Ate how did you know about the gdl bros if you are studying at San Beda U? Pakilala mo naman po ako kay Psalm. I’m his number 1 fan ever since talaga. Loveyou ateee x

  14. oh ate!!! I’d love to cook spag for you! haha it’s your fave pala. thats one of my specialty. hehe, hoping to meet you soon po! ugh, sana may meetup na ulit para naman maka attend na ko i’m dying to meet my favorite author! gosh!!! anyways, take care and Godbless ate Ariesa! ily hihi xoxo ❤

  15. Hi ate!!! I wanna be a prosecutor someday, too! But my parents won’t let me kasi sobrang delikado na nga dito sa Pilipinas & at the same time ayaw ko silang mapahamak pero gusto ko pa rin sya mapursue! Hope to meet you someday ate! Love you. x

  16. ate, ilang years po ang pagla-law? and how did you get close po sa gdls? naging kaklase mo po ba ang iba sa kanila? sorry for being nosy po. hahaha and I love your stories po super daming reality slaps and inspiring. anw, more power to you. so proud that u can still write stories despite the demands of law school. godbless and see u again soon ate!

  17. Ate, how come may bahay ka na at the your young age? Just really curious kung saan mo galing pera mo like did you save since high school? lol Share your iponing tips pleaseeee

  18. omg!!! you replied to me again ate hihi kilig!!!! kaka notice nyo lang din po sakin sa twitter hehe nikikilig parin po ako pag nakikita ko sa profile mo yung tweet ko omg ❤

  19. huhu same po tayo dun sa ayaw ng long nails and shemss!!! alcohol is life huhu grabe pinipigilan na po akong mag alcohol pero wala alcohol is life talaga!!! love your stories so much!!!!! ikaw din po love ko yiee!!

  20. Hi ate ariesa! I really super love all your stories in wattpad! Mostly yung ABNQ, to be honest ate, nadadala ako sa story na ginawa mp. Minsan naiiyak nalanv ako sa mga nangyayare Hahahaha before diko talaga type ang pag ba basa pero nung na introduce nasaken ang wattpad at ang mga story nyo , ayy iba! Halos maghapon na ako naka focused sa phone at nag babasa. Salamat po and sana makagawa pa kayo ng madameng storyyy. Sana din po ma meet ko kayo in person

  21. sobrang nakakainspire po ng mga stories mo. sana po sa susunod naman pag may time ka pa po na masingit makapag post ka po dito ng ano yung inspiration mo sa bawat books na sinulat mo.. thankyou sa magagandang stories can’t find your passion sa other writers. Godbless Good health and more power! syempre more books and more stories.

  22. ate! parehas po tayo may trust issues at bibili nang book pero hindi babasahin i rather read at online than read it on the book version kasi baka masira ko yung book na binibili hahaha love you ate Ariesa

    PS. I’m silent reader of your story 🙂

  23. What did u take as pre-law mo po ate? And you’re a working student po or you have business para matustusan yung college/law school mo po?

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