The Fall of Helen – Chapter 6

The Fall of Helen

Chapter 6

My stay in Mycenae had been uneventful—well, at least for me. All I did is to observe the environment and smile to the people whom I didn’t even know. I haven’t even got to spend much time with Menelaus. I had no idea that he was that busy. I have been staying in their palace for days already yet the instances I have had a decent talk with Menelaus could be counted using my fingers in my left hand. That was how little our interaction had been.

How can I put my plan into action if this was what’s happening? I can’t conceive a child alone! I need Menelaus inside my chamber—or his, I didn’t care. I just needed this be done. I knew for sure how my father would be disappointed with me if he had known that my whole trip had been nothing but a failure.

It was as if I could see him shaking his head thinking how he had a child as stupid as me.

All my life I had been a shadow for my own father. I knew he sees me but he never bothered making me feel like I was seen. It was like I was alive but not really. I was the mean between death and life.

I was currently sitting outside, getting a good dose of my sunshine when somebody sat on the empty stool beside me.

“Good day, Helen,” he spoke.

The chills crept in my system. He was here. Again.

Though I was trembling on the inside, I managed to pull a straight face. I was Helen of Sparta. Remember that, Helen. Don’t let him get into you.

“Good day, too, Agamemnon,” I said proudly. “What brings you here?” I questioned him.

I cannot be rude to him. He was the future higher king of Mycenae. Even though I didn’t care how high his rank in the society was… I was scared of him. Even his presence alone can bring me a heart attack. I can’t figure what exactly it was with him that scared me out to my wits but there was something about him that made me want to run away, run far, and never look back.

But at least with this, I hope he can notice the discomfort he was giving me.

He shrugged. “It’s a good day, don’t you agree?”

I just nodded, not interested to engage in a conversation with him. Why was he so dense? Can’t he sense that I wasn’t even remotely excited with the idea of being near him? If I just could, I would. I would walkout on him.

But I can’t… Disrespecting a royal means getting your head offered to them on a royal plate. Damn this situation. Damn this social construct I was forced to stomach.

I just can’t wait until the day that I would be declared the Princess of Mycenae. I wanted to be able to play my game inside the confines of this palace. I can’t be scared every time Agamemnon was near. I knew how busy Menelaus was and I knew that time will come when I will stay here, I will be alone, and the fact that I would be under the same roof as Agamemnon was making my knees shake in fear.

Where was Theseus when I needed him most?

“Have you seen my husband?” I stressed on my husband. I knew he was aware that I was married to his brother. He was there when we were married! He was the substitute for the absence of his father! He was just right across the aisle!

But the way he was acting…

I was sheltered all my life but that didn’t mean that I was dense.

The way he stared at me, the way he smiled at me, the way he said my name… Oh, god. I can’t have him pining after me. I was his brother’s wife!

He shrugged. “Your husband is one, busy man.”

I smiled. “Shame that he is. I’m here in the duty of ensuring that he’s doing fine but I can’t seem to find time to be with him,” I replied, subtly reminding him of the reason for my stay in their Empire.

He faced me and it sent me shivers—the bad kind. “Don’t you worry, Helen. When your husband is too busy to be with his beautiful wife, I will be here to accompany you.”

How badly I wanted to stand up and walk far from him. Theseus was right; Agamemnon was evil. He reeked of evil. Everything about him screamed evil.

“Thank you,” I just replied. I stood up, not too soon for I didn’t want to offend the next higher king. “I’ll just retire in my chamber, I’m tired already.”

But goodness, he was relentless. He stood up and offered to walk me to my room. He walked beside me and every time our skin would touch, I wanted to cringe in disgust.

Agamemnon was a fine man in appearance. He was a Prince, it was expected of him. He looked just the same as his brother. He had those blue eyes, fair complexion, and curly hair… But he was the evil kind of Prince. Every smile, every word, just practically everything he does looked malevolent.

While my Menelaus… He was my perfect kind of Prince. He was kind, and thoughtful, and I was just thankful that it was him whom I married. God knew what I would do if it was Agamemnon whom I was to marry. Thank all the gods and goddesses that he was already married when I was finally at the age to marry.

As we were walking, the servants kept on throwing us curious glance.

“Why are they looking at us?” I can’t help but ask when they were looking too obviously.

Agamemnon opened the door of my room. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll tell them off if that’s what you want,” he said and then widened the door for me. “After the future Princess of Mycenae.”

I gave him a small smile and then stepped in my room. I felt safe upon the familiar air. If only Menelaus was here…

“Thank you, Agamemnon,” I said and then closed my room.

The moment I closed the door, I was able to breathe fine.

Two days more and I was able to get a hold of my husband. We were inside my room and we were lying on my bed.

“I’ll be leaving the day after tomorrow…” I said as I traced patterns on his chest. I loved how serene it felt being with him. With Menelaus, I felt safe. I knew Theseus was right; Menelaus will take care of me.

I had known him for only a month but he felt like the good kind of familiar. Menelaus was so kind to me. He always looked after me… Although he was busy with his responsibilities as the Prince of Mycenae, he never felt to make me feel that he cared. He would send me flowers and quiches. Little things that made me feel loved and cherished.

He kissed the top of my head and then pulled me closer. “I know… I miss you already, my Queen.”

I smiled at the thought of him being my King. I can’t wait for the time that he will rule Mycenae. I was sure he will be a good King and that the Mycenaean will love him. They will certainly love Menelaus. He was worthy of being loved.

“Just a month, my King… Just a month and we’ll be married before the eyes of our people.”

I felt him smiling.

“Our people…” he said and then left a chaste kiss on my lips. “That sounded so good.”

I kissed him back and put my everything in that kiss. The thought of parting and being away from Menelaus was making my heart throb. I didn’t know when I started feeling this way but I didn’t question it. He was my husband and it was rightful that I feel this way towards him.

I had no idea what hell it will bestow upon me if I would feel this kind of emotion towards other man.

Before I knew it, he was on top of me. “Our people…” he said and then kissed me so deep that I was drowned in the sensations. “I can’t wait for you to be the Queen of Sparta and Mycenae. People will adore you, Helen. They will love you.”

I reached for his face and kissed him with all my heart.

We were naked with only the sheets covering our body when he asked me. He placed his hand on my stomach and began caressing it. I felt tingles.

“Do you think you’re pregnant?”

I kissed his hand and then said, “I don’t know but I am certainly hoping…”

“I wish you are. Being your husband is one thing but being the father of your child is another.” He cupped my face and then kissed me again. He bit my lip and then asked for entrance. I gladly opened my mouth and welcomed his tongue with mine. He kissed every part of my mouth and made me moan.

His left hand reached for my bosom and then pinched my nipples that made me gasp in surprise. “Oh, gods,” I said as I was trying to make my breathing even. He was making it hard to. His right hand reached between my thighs.

“Before you leave, I’ll make love to you so often that not being pregnant is out of the choices,” he said before he parted my legs and then thrust over and over again until I felt like my sanity would fly out the window.

For days, Menelaus made sure he fulfilled his promise. He made love to me over and over until it was time for him to leave Mycenae for some business in the neighboring Empire. I could not even walk straight when he was done with me. But today was my last day and the King summoned for me so even though I was sore and spent, I tried my best to act normal.

I bowed down before him.

“Helen of Sparta,” he acknowledged me. “I hope that you had a good time under my care, yes?”

I smiled and nodded my head. “Certainly so, King Atreus.”

“Good, good,” he said and then continued. “I have a proposition for you, Helen.”

I just stood on my ground and listened to what he had to say. I wished Theseus were here. He would know what to do. I wasn’t that good in handling affairs of the Empire. That was not the Queen’s duty so I was not taught thoroughly.

“What is it, King Atreus?”

It was a stupid question. Whatever it was that he would propose, I was certain I would say yes. I was just a Princess; he was a King. The difference was brighter than the rays of sun.

He clapped his hands and then smiled at me. “Since you’re already here, why don’t we hold the wedding ceremony by the end of the week? I will summon your family and the friends of our Empire.”

I was astonished and shocked. I thought it would be held a month from now? What was with the rush?

As I was busy processing what I just heard, I saw Agamemnon smiling so evilly that I wanted to run away. What the hell was he thinking smiling like that?

“I would be glad to but may I ask why the rush, my King? If you would not mind me asking…”

He just shook his head. The problem with the King is that you can never say no to their wish no matter how impulsive and silly it may seem. A King’s wish can never be bent.

“You’re already married and you’re here already so let us just make the best out of the situation,” he said. “I presume that your family will be here by the end of the week… I’ll give your father ample amount of time to finish all his business while we’re here and preparing the most lavish ceremony that will be held in this Empire,” he gladly announced.

He called for his right hand and said, “Invite our friends, and don’t forget to invite the royal family of Troy. Make sure they’ll arrive here first. I want to make sure that I will be able to give them a personal greeting. You know how much I want to finally meet their lost Prince.”

My heart was about to jump out of my chest when I heard of that. My father hated that Empire with passion! I was scared for his reaction once he sees the royal family of Troy! What a royal commotion that would be!

“I will do it right away, my King,” answered the man and he left the premise.

“So, Helen?” King Atreus said.

I just smiled. “Of course, King Atreus. Anything you desire.”

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