Shooting Daggers – Chapter 2

Shooting Daggers

Chapter 2

I took a step backward because at that time, all I wanted to do was to protect myself. The guy in front of me looked like he was ready to kill. God! It wasn’t as if I planned on interrupting his sex with that girl! I really should have stayed inside my room and waited for the breakfast bell! Or I should have just woke Phoebe up and risked the chance of her shouting at me for doing so! Or anything! Just literally anything beside this!

The guy in front of me zipped his fly and then took a step closer. Oh, god. Oh, god. I haven’t even started my classes yet I was about to die already! Me and my luck!

“Look, I’m really, really sorry,” I managed to say while he’s on his way to break my neck. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you or anything. Please spare my life.”

I wanted to take another step back but as it turned out, I was already at the end. Damn this wall!

Probably out of fear, I was starting to cry. This guy in front of me looked so intense. I have never met a guy as intense as him! He looked like he was really going to kill me!

“Name,” he said. His voice was low but it still managed to make my knees go really weak. I could have had kneeled in front of him right there because of fear.

My lips were shaking but I managed to choke out my name without stammering. “Joey.” He took another step forward. “Please stop right there,” I trembled the words out of my mouth.

His forehead turned into a crease but he took another step, anyway. He’s a jerk!

“Please, stop! You’re scaring me!”

The blood probably ran out of my face by now and I looked pale as shit. Nobody could blame me! This guy was surely scaring the living daylights out of me!

“Next time,” he said while he tucked my hair behind my ear. “Be careful,” he whispered which made me want to cry and run back to New York. He gently tapped my cheek and then buttoned his shirt. He left me standing there, barely holding whatever’s left of me.

I took time to calm myself—maybe too much of it because by the time I was done, breakfast was over and students were heading to the auditorium. I went there and sat on the back since I really had no idea where to sit. I forgot to ask Phoebe about this thing.

The ceremony started and apparently, there was this tradition in the school where the freshmen would be called up in front one by one. Sadly, I was all alone in the back so I really couldn’t ask anyone about this thing. I just contented myself with watching what was happening.

I watched the student go on stage and introduce themselves and what they play. Some were clearly bragging about their skills but it was impressive, really. It made me feel a wee bit competitive because of all the amazing musicians around me. I think I really made a good decision by going to this school. Although I miss my friends back in New York, I think in due time, I will learn to love this school and hopefully, I would have friends.

Niall was called in stage and he was really shy about it. That cute guy! He was too adorable for his own good! I was smiling the whole time because he looked really shy and his ears looked really red—considering I was at the back of the auditorium. That poor boy must have really hated all the attention!

I was still looking at Niall while he was getting off the stage when I felt this urge to look at the guy who was currently the subject of scrutiny of the Wellington students.

“Harry Edwards.”

Oh, my freaking god! He was a freshman! I was terrorized by a freshman! I can’t believe a freshman did that to me! That ass! What kind of a junior I was if a freshman could make me wet my pants!

I was busy killing him with my eyes when we locked eyes. I told myself to break the contact but I couldn’t! Damn eyes! Stop looking at that guy!

“Asshole,” I uttered under my breath when I saw him smirking at me.

He put his hand inside his pocket and said, “Name’s Harry Edwards and I sing.” After that, he got off the stage and I was busy looking at his every move but still, I didn’t fail to notice that some girls were staring at his ass. Really, at his ass! Alright he’s hot but he’s cocky so that made him unattractive for me! And he bullied me!

I thought he was going to sit back in his place but he walked his way out of the auditorium. I sneaked out and then ran after him. He’s got some long legs so I had to run.

“You!” I shouted but he didn’t stop from his tracks. “Asshole!” I shouted again but he just ignored me. I was almost running out of breath because I wasn’t exactly friends with running so I had to say his name. Ugh! I would really brush my tongue later! “Harry Edwards!” And then, he stopped. And I stopped. God! Why did he have such an effect on me!

When he turned around, I felt my knees going weak once again. Ugh!

He looked at me and then pointed himself. “Were you calling my name?”

I tried to look as mad as I could. I didn’t think before I ran after him. Joey! You and you impulsiveness! You just ran after him without even thinking of anything to say! Congrats! You made a fool out of yourself once again!

“Y-yes,” I said.

He started at my face before recognition crossed his face. “It’s you.”

I tilted my face up. He’s just a freshman, for crying out loud! Why was I so scared of him! I was years older than him! He should be the one scared, not me! Grow some balls, Joey!

Stop wobbling, you traitor knees! I scolded my knees.

“You’re a freshman,” I stated.

He didn’t say anything nor do anything. He just stood there and made me feel like I was the most boring person on the planet and how I was wasting his time by talking to him.

“I’m a junior,” I said.


“I’m older than you.”

“Then you’re a hag.”

I gasped! This boy! Why was he so rude!

“I’m older than you! You need to show some respect, you little boy!” I shouted at his face.

Right then, I knew I crossed some line. He walked towards me that made me wish I just stayed inside the auditorium and endured the boring welcoming ceremony for the freshmen. Why did I have to be so stubborn!

Because he’s inches taller than me, he towered above me. He has those green eyes that distracted me from the fear I was feeling. Ugh! Stop it, Joey! Stop staring at that bully’s eyes!

“Respect is earned, not demanded,” he whispered in my ears and then patted my head. He showed me a cocky grin before he walked away, his hands inside his pocket.

I was in front of the room. I checked the schedule they gave me just to be sure that I was in the right room.

Okay, Joey. Stop thinking about that freshman who bullied you and think about the important stuff. Today was your official first day in school and don’t let anyone ruin this for you. I smiled to myself as I braved the way inside the room.

As I stepped inside the room, my jaw fell. I was classmates with the people!

“Are you the transferee?” the teacher in front said. I was too astounded to even answer him so I just handed him the paper. He read it and then said, “You may sit beside Mr. William.”

Oh, just my luck! Why did I have to sit beside one of the people!

I had to drag my feet towards the chair. I swear if only this people could hear my heartbeat, they would think that I just finished a 100m sprint! Some of the girls in the room were already killing me with their eyes. Not my fault, okay! I didn’t ask to sit beside the person!

“Hello,” he said as I took a sit.


“You’re the new girl.”

“Y-yes. I a-am the n-new girl.”

He turned at me and then placed his hand under his chin. He smiled at me. “I’m Louis. You are?”

“Joey,” I said, finally stopping the stammering session.

“Cool name,” he commented. “So, why did you transfer?” he asked.

He seemed like a nice guy but I really didn’t want to be close with the people. I knew the repercussion of being friends with them. I watch TV, okay. I knew that if I talk to this Louis guy, soon after, I would see myself wishing that I never transferred to this school. And I love this school so I would do anything to stay here… even if that means snubbing this really cute guy beside me.

“Personal stuff,” I said, trying to sound like I wasn’t interested in any conversation with him. I knew there were still some girls who would glance once in a while. I didn’t want to give them any reason to bully me. If a freshman could bully the daylights out of me already, I was afraid to know what a junior could do to me. So really, no thanks.

The class started and I wasn’t really interested in whatever the teacher was saying. Though Wellington is a well-known musical school, there were still subjects that normal school offers. I really couldn’t escape the paws of Calculus, could I?

Before I even knew it, I was done with the first three subjects and the bell rang already.

“Louis,” called Tori. She looked like a Barbie doll—pretty and all that glitter but she looked plastic, too.

Louis just waved his hand and then looked at me. “New girl,” he addressed. “You wanna eat with us?”

“No, but thanks for the offer,” I declined as politely as I could. I arranged my things and then sprinted my way out. Could he stop being friendly? Can’t he see that I didn’t want to be friends with him? Didn’t he realize what being friends with him—with one of the people—entails?

I was looking for a place where I could eat the sandwich that I bought from the cafeteria when my feet brought me to the school pavilion. I sat there and began eating my sandwich when— “Can’t I have a break?” I whispered to myself.

Harry sat on the other side and then took a cigarette from his pocket and then lit it up. My eyes widened at what he did. Why was he smoking in school premises?!

I forced myself to not say anything. Stop it, Joey. If he wanted to kill himself from lung cancer, then let him. He could smoke all he wants.

After I wrapped my sandwich up, I started walking and looking for another place to eat. I really couldn’t stand to be in the same vicinity with that bully. As I was walking, I saw a teacher heading Harry’s way.

“Ugh!” I said as I sprinted back. I didn’t know why I was concerned with him! So what if he got caught?! So what, Joey?! So what?! But why the hell were you running back?!

He was puffing the smoke out when I pulled it from his mouth and stomped on it.

“What the hell?!” he said as he watched me—in shock, I would say—kill his buddy.

“You’ll thank me for this,” I said. I kicked the remnants of the poor cigarette away until the evidence was destroyed. Just a second after, a teacher passed out way.

Harry looked at me as if he understood why I did what I did.

“You’re welcome,” I said as I walked out on him.

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