Shooting Daggers – Chapter 1

Shooting Daggers

Chapter 1

“You’ll call me at least once a day,” mom said for the nth time. It wasn’t as if I had some problems with my memory. I heard her say this thing for at least ten times. I was pretty sure I would remember this by now.

I made a face. “Got it, mom. I really do.”

She sighed as she stared at my face—as if it would be the last time she’d be seeing me. Sometimes, my mom tends to overreact. She said she’ll see to it that she’d be driving to Cali at least once a month to see me. And what’s the use of Skype, right?

“I’m gonna miss you,” she said, tears threatening to fall.

I immediately reached for her and hugged her tight. I didn’t want to see her crying because that means that I’ll be crying, too, and the cry-cry fest would begin. And I didn’t want that to happen. I look so ugly when I cry.

“I’ll miss you, too, mom. But it’s for the best, right?”

We said goodbye for a few minutes before I convinced her that it’s time for her to leave. I was sad but I knew better. Mom really wanted that job and I didn’t want to be a brat by being the hindrance. And I really didn’t want to live in Oklahoma—no offense to those who live there. I see myself more of a Cali-girl (if there’s such a thing)And I was almost 18 so I see no reason for me not to study here. And as she said, music is my soul, my love, my life. Studying here in Wellington Music School is my life-long dream.

I pulled my things with me and settled them on the couch. I made my way to the office of the dorm head where I’d be staying.

“Hi,” I greeted. “I’m Joey Montez. I just got here and my mom said that she already talked to you?”

It took her a few seconds before she answered. Recognition crossed her face. “Ah. That one,” she said as she typed on her keyboard. “Joey Montez,” she uttered while doing so. She read from the monitor of her computer, “Yeah. Your mom already settled your dorm fees and you’ll be staying at Wing C-room 327.” She stood up from her sit and went to a cabinet and reached for a bunch of keys. “Here are your keys,” she said as she handed me three keys. “One’s for the main door, the other one’s for the door of your room, and the last one’s for your cabinet.”

“Thanks,” I uttered as I put those inside my pocket.

“I can’t accompany you right now but I’ll be calling for someone to help you bring your things upstairs,” she said.

I waited for a while for the person who’d help me. He helped bring my things to the third floor. I just realized that I brought so many things! I still had some of my stuff back at home. My mom said that she’d just ship it to me. Geez! I never realized I own so many things.

“Thanks,” I said to the guy. “You’re a student here?”

He nodded at me as he put the last box on the ground. “Yeah. I’m Niall. You are?”

I offered my hand. “Hi, Niall. I’m Joey.”

Niall’s cute but really, I wasn’t exactly a fan of blond boys… I find them too feminine. But that’s just my opinion.

“I just transferred from New York and I’m a junior,” I introduced myself. I still had no friends here so I figured that Niall’s a good start. He looked like a nice guy, really. I could use some friends.

Niall shook my hand and smiled at me. He had some retainers. It looked cute on him! Hah. Suddenly I wanted him to be my little brother. He gave me this feels like I wanted to take care of him. He looked so cute and all adorable. But we still weren’t close. He might think that I’m weird if I hugged him all of a sudden so just to be sure that I won’t lose a potential friend, I restricted myself. Stop that urge to hug him, Joey! Behave!

“I’m a freshman,” he said. “What instrument are you playing?”

I forgot about that! I totally forgot to ask my mom how the hell did I get in here! Wellington’s a really good school and it has a strict rule for admission. I wonder what trick did my mom pull in order to get me in—considering that I’m a junior already!

“I play guitar,” I answered. “How about you?”

“I play everything that have strings on it.”

“Cool!” I replied. We talked for some more before he said that he’d be going. Apparently, he’s a student assistant that’s why he’s the one who helped me. Good thing, though. If some weird and creepy guy was the one assigned to me, I didn’t know what I would do. I easily freak out. Something was really wrong with me, I believe.

I walked inside my room and it was okay. Just two beds and cabinets and all the normal things a dorm room should have. I settled my things on my bedside and sat down. I felt so tired. But before I fell asleep, I sent a text to my mom. I didn’t wanna call her because I knew she’d be crying. She’s really a huge victim of separation anxiety.

After three hours of dozing off, I woke up only to see someone inside the room beside me.

“Uhm, hi?” I said to the blonde girl.

She nodded at me and smiled. “Newbie?”

“Uhm yeah… I’m Joey. You are?”

“I’m Phoebe,” she replied. “You’re a freshman? Sophie?”

I shook my head. “I’m a junior. I just transferred from New York.”

She nodded. “A New Yorker, I see,” she began. “Have you eaten already?” I said no so we ended up going down to the cafeteria to grab some dinner. Phoebe was nice although sometimes, she’s kind of scary. Or maybe that was just me overthinking things yet again. I really should stop doing snap judgment on people.

As we settled our food on a table, there was a group of people who entered the cafeteria and stood in the middle. One’s a really good-looking guy with tattoos on his arm while the other one was a naughty looking brunette dude.

I thought that either of the guys would be speaking but as it turned out, the girl they were with was the one who talked.

“As you all know,” she began and suddenly, all ears were on her. I had a feeling she was someone in this school. I made a mental note of to never mess with this girl if I want to have a normal school life here in Wellington. “The annual talent’s night is in a few months time. But since I think that all of you are aware that Kevin got expelled,” she said and then there was some weird vibe in the room. Or was it just me? “We’re looking for a new vocalist for the group. So with this, those who would be joining the talent’s night and those who would pass our criteria would be invited to do an audition.”

She went on explaining about what would happen but since I was new, I really didn’t bother listening much. I had no idea what group she was talking about nor who that Kevin dude was. So instead of listening to some crap I had no business with, I focused my attention on my dinner. And by the time I was done, she and her team left the vicinity already.

“Who are those people?” I managed to ask Phoebe.

“Those people? They are the people.”

My forehead crunched up. “Really? How come?”

She placed her fork back on the plate so I sensed that whatever she was about to say was important. I listened carefully to what she was about to say.

“The girl who did all the talking was Tori Smith. She’s the manager of the group.”

“What group?” I asked.

“One Collision,” she said. I suddenly chuckled at the name but she glared at me. “Don’t let other people see you doing that thing if you want to live a peaceful life in this school.”

Suddenly, I was curious about that group. They seemed like they were a big deal! What’s with them, anyway?

“Are they like bullies?” I managed to asked.

Phoebe reached for her drink and took a few sips. “Nah. They’re just really famous in this school. You know? Good looking guys from bands make girls go gaga.”

Hah. So now I know whom to avoid.

We continued eating before we proceeded back to our room. I arranged my things while Phoebe played some notes on her keyboard. I was listening to whatever she was playing. She was good! I was so excited for my classes tomorrow! I hope I’d be able to meet good people and make good music!

I fell asleep right after I finished putting my things in their proper places. I woke up early and fixed myself up. I didn’t want to be late for my first class. After a few minutes, I was done and ready to go. Phoebe was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her up because she might get mad. I still was convinced that I was in no position to disturb her from her slumber… But what if she just forgot to set her alarm and she has class? Ugh!

After debating with myself internally, I decided that I should just leave her be. I tried to find her schedule but I can’t find it so I sprinted my way out and reached the cafeteria in no time.

I looked at my watch as soon as I reached the room. As I had figured—it was still too early that’s why there were no people loitering around. The cafeteria was still closed so I went out and walked around the campus. It looked like a paradise in the middle of California. It felt so refreshing and it made me feel like I was one with the nature because of all the trees around. It felt really nice.

Feeling the breezy wind against my skin, I walked around. It was a tad too cold for me so after just a few minutes of wandering around, I went back inside the school building to warm myself up. I was walking along the corridors when I heard sounds.

Being a curious person, I tried to follow the sound. I was brought to one of the classrooms. I heard some whimpering so I managed to open the door and was surprised—“Oh, my virgin eyes!” I said, my eyes opened wide. The girl pushed the guy away from him and covered her naked body.

Oh, my god! I can’t believe my luck! How can I witness a sex scene on my very first day in school!

The girl, after covering herself up, ran away—leaving this guy and me alone inside the room. Oh, shit!

He looked at me as if he was shooting daggers and right there and then, I knew I was in for some trouble.

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