Shooting Daggers – Beginning

Shooting Daggers


Have you ever thought how one day, you’ll get excited at the thought of going to school? Well, no. I have never ever thought about it. I mean, school? Duh. For losers.

But one day, it all changed.

“Honey, I already passed your transfer papers.”

I suddenly dropped my bowl of cereals and had my eyes wanting to jump off from their sockets. “No way,” I said, still not being able to believe it.

My mom, no matter how much she claimed that she supports me of whatever I want to do with my life, was the ultimate villain. I have asked her countless of times if I could transfer to a musical school but she always said no. She always gave me that rebuttal statement that ‘Why was she paying for the taxes if I won’t go to public school.’ It was that crap over and over again.

But now…

“Yes, honey. I have thought about your proposition and really, it seems nice.”

I stood up and walked towards my mom. I pulled up the chair beside her and sat on it. I stared at her face, scanning for any minor concussions. She might had hit her head, who knows? She’s acting really weird-I mean, supportive all of a sudden. It was freaking me out big time.

“Mom, are you sure about this?” I asked her, just to be sure.

She nodded and then smiled. Okay, something was really wrong.

“Okay, Joey, listen.”

I gulped and then braced myself. I should have known. There was a catch. It couldn’t be all rainbows and flowers all of a sudden. My mom wouldn’t give me what I want without something in return. I really should have known.

Her forehead crunched up and she said, “Relax, honey. You’re making me worried.”

“You are making me worried. Come on, what is it?” I asked, biting my nail.

She sighed and then straightened her back. “Alright, here it is. You know how I have always complained how my boss wasn’t promoting me even though I was the longest employee in our branch?” she said and I nodded. It had always irked me off when my mom complained about her boss and his balding head. “Well, you see, they promoted me.”

I suddenly jumped from my seat and hugged my mom.

“Oh, my god! Congratulations!” I said and then hugged her tight. I knew how she wanted this position so bad! I heard about this every single day. Literally.

She hugged me back and then said, “But…”

I knew there was a but! That stupid word but! I hate that word!

“But what?”

“But I would be transferred to another state…”

“What?! How about my school?”

She placed a hand on mine and then looked at me. “This is where the whole transfer part comes in,” she continued. “I can’t leave you here all alone. I mean, it would drive me mad if I would leave you in New York all alone.”

But that’s the dream…

“So I thought about how you’ve always wanted to that musical school in California and how I could send you there instead.”

“But you do know that that’s a boarding school, right, mom?” I asked her. Was she shipping me off?

She nodded. “I know.”

“Oh, my god. Are you getting rid of me?”

“What? Oh, god, no! What made you think of that?!” she exclaimed. “I just didn’t think you’d be too happy to go to Oklahoma with me and I’m still not sure how things will work out for me there.”

I stayed silent for a minute. I can’t believe it. How did this happen? I have never thought how one day, my mom would ship me off to another state. I mean, it drove her crazy once when I stayed for a sleepover in one of my friend’s place… And then this? Whoa there.

“Are you mad?” she asked.

I shook my head. “I’m not,” I answered. “When are you leaving?”

“Next week,” she replied.

“And when am I leaving?”

She gave out a heavy breath. “Tomorrow.”


And so there. That was the beginning of the story about how I was shipped to California where I met this cocky bastard named Harry.

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