Shiloah Suarez


When Shiloah Angelo Suarez was adopted, all he wished was to have a happy family. He prayed for that. Every night, he prayed that he’d find a family that would treat him as their own. And he got that. Pero sandali lang. Because of a cruel twist of fate, his adopted parents died. And that should’ve been the end of his happy life, except that it wasn’t. They left him everything. They left him an enormous amouth of money that made Shiloah’s relatives hate his very existence. It was crazy that he had been adopted for less than a year, yet he would get everything. But it was the situation, still. And Shiloah couldn’t do anything about it, kahit na kung siya lang, ibibigay niya na lang iyong pera sa mga kamag-anak niya.

So in order to protect him from the people who wnated to take everything from him, he was sent to London to study. He was grateful. He wanted to just escape every horrid words thrown at him. He wanted to just stay there, and never go back. But when he met her, everything changed.

And suddenly, he wanted to come home. 

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