Random (050119)

It’s already 12am and I’m supposed to review for my revalida right now, but for some very familiar reasons, I find myself looking at the ceiling and wondering about the most random things. I really want to study right now, but I guess my mind really just doesn’t work–not until it feels the ‘pressure’ of the impending deadline.

Revalida’s on Friday.

It’s still Tuesday.

Not yet cram time… I suppose.

Anyway, I just finished uploading two chapters for my story ILWTG. It wasn’t that hard to write since I already know what will happen in the story and I just needed to put it into words. To be honest, writing is easy for me… as long as I do it continuously. Otherwise, I get lost and once I’m lost, it’s hard for me to find the way back. So, as much as possible, I really do try to finish the story. The faster, the better.

What else?

Hmmm. My week has been, so far, ordinary. I write digests (bane of my freaking existence), write, read, watch… Ordinary. But I’m really looking forward to going home to Bulacan because tbh, I don’t like staying in Manila lol. The heat is scorching! Like literally, I went outside earlier to buy food and although I was holding an umbrella over my head, the sunlight was still hitting my legs and it burned! I could feel my legs burning! And when I finally returned to the comfort of my room, I felt like I ran a marathon because I was sweating so badly.

Ugh, climate change. You suck.

I also went to PSA this week because I needed my birth certificate for something and I made the horrible mistake of going there instead of ordering online like a sane person! I was so shocked when I got there! The queue was long! I like stayed there for ten minutes before I decided that there’s no way in forking hell that I’d spend my whole day in this place!

Seriously, government, what’s up?!

Anyhow, after that horrible experience at the PSA, I went straight to the mall… because I didn’t want to put my effort of actually going out to waste. I initially planned on watching Endgame (finally!!!), but when I saw the long line, I gave up and just ate Pad Thai (lol I hate lining up.) So, I decided that I’d just watch it together with my sister when I go home.

Also, I bought my first ever ‘lawyer’ outfit! San Beda doesn’t require us to dress formally, so I usually just go to school in jeans and whatever top I get lol. But since one of my profs is requiring us to dress like a lawyer for our final requirement, I figured what the hell, right? So, I bought a pantsuit and I LOVE it.

A hundred percent sure, I’d buy more.

Anywaaaay, I think that’s it. I’d force myself to read at least half (or even a quarter) of the things I need to study.

Or not.



8 thoughts on “Random (050119)”

  1. Hello mother beech! San ka po sa bulacan hello ka-bulakenya. I really wanna see you in person . Thankyou for spoiling us through your updates much appreciated. xoxo

  2. Hi! I’m also from beda law. I’m a freshie but we’re supposed to be batchmates coz I rested for 1 year after graduation. Started reading your stories when I was still in college (or even before pa ata can’t remember na) and I’m really a fan. I was shookt nung nalaman ko na beda law ka din pala. Really wanted to see you kaya lang nahihiya me! I’m such a fangirl!

    Anyway, good luck sa pagsusulat and lalo na sa law school!

  3. ako lang ba? pero kasi naririnig ko talaga boses ni ate sa isipan ko while reading this. Hahahahha! ang cute mag daldal

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