Hi. So, I haven’t posted in a while. I know I promised to write more, but life keeps on happening. I spent most of my Christmas vacation writing (and napping, tbh) and now, school has begun again. It’s hard. Second year’s a lot harder than first year. Everything’s too technical, but I am enjoying every second. I love learning about new things—especially those I can use in real life.

Yesteday, I just concluded writing Play The Game. It’s the story that’s been bugging me even before I started going to law school. I have always been fascinated with the world of law, but I didn’t have the chance to write it properly. Well, I did try before (Just This Once), but I felt like it didn’t give much justice since I really didn’t know what I was doing back then. All I had were ideas about what’s happening in law school… but thankfully, I now have the opportunity to experience it first hand. That’s why PTG is so close to my heart. It’s like my dream project… and I am just happy that  (I think) I pulled it off.

I also wanted to share all the things I learned from school. I think they’d really help my readers. I wanted to use my platform to educate. I mean, I have the platform, might as well use it. I sincerely hope that they learned something. In the Book2, I’d tackle more about Family Law, and I think it’s something that’s very useful? But Book3 will probably be the most educational because it will tackle search and seizures and what to do in case you’re stopped by authorities, what are your rights, etc. Aaaahhhh it’s gonna be so fun! And educational!

Anyway, before I started writing PTG, I wrote the whole outline. I knew it’s gonna be a complicated story, so I wanted to know everything about it before I even begin with it. I did all the things that I never did with my other words—I did a very detailed outline and character profiles. They’re like real people in my head. They have study schedule, personal preferences, all the works. It’s just a brand new experience for me.

When I started writing it, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I knew that (some) of my readers are kinda scared of reading my stories. They’re traumatized, I think, but this one… This one, I really wanted to write. Before I began writing it, I told myself, it wouldn’t matter if I’d lose more readers. I want this story. I’ll write it. It’s my dream.

And I did… and wow.

I was honestly stunned with the reception I got. I mean, sure, all my stories are loved by my readers, but PTG’s on a different level (although I think JTS still has the crown idk haha). I feel like it’s because PTG has all the elements that I (personally) like in a story. It has mystery, humor, romance, social commentary, and a little bit of law. I mean, this is the story that I wanted to read myself! Seriously. I was looking for something like PTG for a loooong time, but I couldn’t find any (segue, if you have a recommendation, do tell me! I’d love to read something like PTG). So, if I can’t find one, I’d write one.

Honestly, I thought the readers would take it against Kitty that she married someone else. I honestly expected people to bash her, telling her that she’s not good enough for Jax because she’s been with someone else…

But I got none of that comment.

It’s… wow. It’s honestly astounding. I am very happy that I have mature readers, that they are growing with me.

Anyway, here are the things that I learned about PTG:

  1. It’s never okay to hurt the person whom you love—physically, emotionally, psychologically. Just don’t. No reason would justify it. 
  2. It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. It’s okay. It’s normal. There’s no shame in knowing that you need help. Stop the stigma. 
  3. It’s okay to be alone. You don’t have to settle. Like how Jax said it—he’d rather end up alone than be with someone who he didn’t love. And it’s okay. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. The same thing as being with someone else doesn’t mean that you’re happy. You make your own definition of being happy. Stop letting society dictate your life for you. 
  4. You can love someone, but still hold him/her accountable for his/her mistakes. You don’t have to make yourself blind and willingly accept everything. It doesn’t work that way—it shouldn’t work that way. 
  5. You don’t have to stay if you’re not happy. You can always stop. 
  6. Love. Just love. 
  7. Learn to forgive. You don’t have to forget, but do learn to forgive. It will make you feel lighter.
  8. Friends. Find people who will love you and support you unconditionally. If you find those people? Treasure them. Love them. Make them feel that you appreciate them. I swear it’s hard to find that kind of people. So if you have them in your life now, make sure to tell them that you’re happy they’re in your life. 
  9. Failure shouldn’t stop you. It’s just a lesson learned. Do better. Be more prepared. 
  10. And lastly, live without fear. You only live once. Live it fearlessly. 

Thank you for loving Juan Alexandro and Katherine Tyrese.

24 thoughts on “#PTGTaughtMe”

  1. ‪#PTGTaughtMe na it’s the small things that have the biggest effect in our lives. Tulad na lang ni Iñigo, kala nya wala lang yung paghingi nya ng tulong sa frat nung nasa law school pa sya, pero nung Prosecutor na sya and he got no other choice but to betray Kitty ‍♀️☹️‬

  2. Hi, ate! I must say that this is one of your best stories! Thank you for putting your heart in reminding us through your stories that no matter how painful and rough the road is, love will always be something that is worth fighting for.

    We love you, ate Eydee! Keep inspiring us ❤ Good luck po sa future endeavors niyo in life 🙂 Lablab!

  3. I really idolize you as an author kasi ang galing mo gumawa ng plot twist HAHAHA sa’yo lang ata ako hindi mahulaan ang mangyayari lalo na yung kay Kitty! Jusko! Kaya inaabangan ko yung Game trilogy kasi ayun yung favorite ko among your works as of now, lalo na si Maven AHHHH AABANGAN KO SI MAVEN AHHAHAHA.

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for inspiring me to really think about going to law school, I mean the idea is already there, but you just ignited it more for me to give it much thought hahaha

    Overall, you’re one of my favorite authors in wattpad and I really like PTG istg, tamang pigil lang ng luha at ng tawa, it was hella full of life lessons, and the social aspects of the story itself ugh, genius indeed.

    Thank you for writing exceptional stories! Natutuwa ako kasi nakita ko rin kung paano nag improve from simple romance (FHADGK) to a serious yet an impactful romance (PTG) yung mga stories mo heheh

    God Bless Ate! Good luck in Law School! Kaya mo yan! We love you! ❤️✨

  4. I’m so glad that i’m one of your readers. PTG taught me that no matter what the problem is if you are meant to be, it will be, and also i realized that na hindi lang pala ako ang nakakatagal ng taon sa crush kaso ang pinagkaiba lang samin ni Kitty, siya naging boyfriend niya ako sumuko na.

  5. I really want to thank you Ate for creating PTG. It was a well written masterpiece, couldn’t say more nakakaspeachless. Thank you for introducing the world of law.

  6. #PTGTaughtMe to cry your heart out. Be yourself because someone in the future will love you for who you are right now and who you will become. That you can love selflessly but sometimes prioritize yourself, because love will taught you everything you aren’t award of. And that’s what Play The Game taught me. That you don’t have to be scared of it because you’re simply just scared, ’cause just for the once or for the last time. Just Play The Game… once again.

  7. The reason why I don’t regret reading your stories is because you are just true to yourself and all your stories makes sense. I always feel that I am bright when I am reading your pieces. Thank you!

  8. PTG is definitely one of my favourites. Ibang level talaga itong story mong ito Miss Eydee. Will probably reading it again. Mag-recover lang saglit sa mga nangyari sa Jakit. Hahaha. Thank you for this story. It’s one of your best work if not the best. ♥️♥️♥️

  9. “so, if I can’t find one, I’d write one” that’s the freaking spirit. Idk but this line hits me, BIG TIME like WOW. Thank you so much ate eydee.

  10. I also want to read a story like PTG. I love reading when you feel like your the one in that situation or your the one feel like audience you watch a scene like movie. I love your stories Ate Aries Domingo I am your silent reader back then. More stories to comeeee Im excited to read it soon

  11. I’m happy that I resumed in reading your stories, super trauma ko kasi sa endings ng bad boy series so i kinda stopped, pero ayun one dat i found myself read ABNQ then ayun i got hooked, so i wass sooooo happy when I saw the Notif about PTG. Grabe, sobrang galing mong writer. I’m just happy na binalikan ko stories mo kasi sobrang worth ot nilang lahat.

    Istg, you are definitely a legendary writer sobrang standout mo sa lahat. Your stories, they leave a mark sa utak ng tao- well for me, they always leave a mark, a life lesson.
    So ayon, #PTGtaughtme that every decision comes with either a positive or a negative outcome. But it is for you to know kung paano mo ihahandle yung outcomes na yun. It also taught me that the help we gain from the people around us is useless if we will never help ourselves as well.

    Ayun lang! Congratulations! I loved every bit of it. I’m gonna miss Jax & Kitty so mucchhhhh.

  12. PTG thought me.. na magpursigi lalo.. dahil alam ko na soon mapapansin at mamahalin dn ako ng taong mahal ko. Like Kitty did to Jax.. when I read the Chapter00.. naguluhan talga ako. Bakit ganito?, anong ngyari? Tapos every update inabangan ko tlaga. Then nung malapit na sya sa Climax nung story. Naisip ko. Baka panaginip lang lahat ni Kitty un…haha! However, I do love your characters and of course your stories,their soo realistic. Congrats Eydee. Your one of my fav.and best author.. keep it up! Goodluck sa Law school

  13. #PTGTaughtMe na kahit down na down kana kahit nawawalan kana nang pag asa may way parin talaga para maka labas ka sa problem mo. And kung kayo talaga kayo thank you ate eydee for sharing your story!

  14. My God. Ramdam na ramdam ko yung feels ate. Sobraa. Naiiyak ako seriously. We love you sooo much. Thank you for writing PTG, thank you for intruducing Jax and Kitty. This story is one of a kind, and it will be forever in my heart.

  15. #PTGTaughtMe… actually..mas lalo kita na-admire d2 Ms.Eydee..yung mga stories mo kasi..may ibang feels…and this PTG..grabe tlg…yung thoughts ni Jax…Kitty…yung mga words of wisdom na nakapaloob sa story…
    This the story..na feel ko lalong nagingay ang mga readers mo..like me…im a silent reader..di ko lang maiwasan na di magcomment sa PTG.. tysm Ms.Eydee

  16. Actually since NOWK, I started reading again your works (traumatized din, sorry) because it has something to do with law and mystery (I’m a frustrated lawyer LOL). So when PTG was born, I knew that I will support this no matter what. #PTGTaughtMe so many things. And I think, PTG will now be my number one favorite, it earned a spot in my heart. Thank you so much for creating such a masterpiece. I hope you could tackle more about Bills of Rights in your next stories

  17. Thank you ate for the stories you wrote! I’m glad I didn’t stop reading your stories. I still wonder how were you able to write lots of stories while in UP (it’s so hard, ate, huhu pero kakayanin) and ofc, law school (w/c is a lot harder, I believe). Thank you for sharing with us the things that you learn. Super thank you ate. We love you po! Keep writing, ate! God bless po!

  18. I love your stories, ate Eydee! Especially because I am inclined to the social sciences. Your works never fail to motivate me even in the littlest of things. Like how I’d use reading your stories as my brain break and after, be inspired to get back to reading my textbooks HAHA. I really wish I was as creative like you in putting my thoughts into words because it’s hard for me to do that most of the time. I love you and I love the characters that you create cuz I can painfully relate to one of their experiences. Napakahusay mo <3

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