I could still clearly remember how I felt when I first read Miss Mav’s message about Popfiction being interested to publish my works. I felt really giddy! I couldn’t stop reading the words over and over again. I felt so elated! I felt like I was over the moon. I couldn’t believe that soon, my words would be in print… It was just magical.

I never thought I’d get published. It was never the goal when I first started writing. It was just for fun. A friend of mine just dared me to write a story, and I did! And the first time I received a comment? Damn, that felt good! It was just a simple comment—the comment was just a simple ‘update’ but for me, it meant the world. It meant the someone was actually reading my story! That felt really, really good! It pushed me to continue writing until I finished my very first story—For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser. The title’s so cheesy, I know, but I was only in my 3rd year high school when I wrote that! After that, I continued to write the second book… It was only when I was already writing my third book, Seducing Drake Palma (arguably the book that gathered me readers), that I received the message from Miss Mavs.

And from then on? It’s just been a wonderful journey. I love Wattpad. I’ll always love Wattpad. It changed my life in ways I couldn’t even have imagined! And for that, I will eternally be grateful.

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