Just The Strings 2


After all the trials in their relationship, she was finally Mrs. Mary Imogen Gomez de Liaño. She finally married the man she prayed for every day. Living with Saint was a dream come true for Mary. He’s her best friend, confidante, and her better half. Things were going their way—until they weren’t.

Saint was always busy with his basketball career, while Mary was having a hard time coping up with her new life. At times, she was tempted to go home, but she never did because she knew how badly Saint wanted to reach his dreams—at ayaw niyang maging dahilan para hindi matupad iyon. Alam niya kasi na kapag sinabi niya kay Saint ang problema, he’d quickly drop everything for her. So instead, Mary made new freinds—little did she know, she just made new problems for the two of them.

When things were never going your way, how long would it take before you give up? Or was ’til death do us part jus a hopeful promise?

8 thoughts on “Just The Strings 2”

  1. Can you please notify me if just the strings books 1 and 2 are published and available? Please? Thanks

    1. Hi! Better if you’ll check Eydee Aldea Sandoval because I post there kung ano ‘yung available na books 🙂 As of now, wala na talagang stocks nun…

  2. Hi! I would like to ask if where can i buy the book? It’s not availabe anymore in wattpad. Thank you!!

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