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If you know me personally, you know that I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I just realized lately that I am not getting any younger, and the back pains I am feeling certainly do not make things any easier for me. Because of this, I vowed that I will slowly try to change my eating habits. For many times now, I have already tried different kinds of diet, but none of them really ever worked for me. Maybe because the diets I tried before required drastic change over my lifestyle. So, now, I am just trying to do baby steps by simply cutting sugar and carbs from my everyday diet.

I know that this seems easy for some people, but this is certainly hard for me. As a law student, coffee is a big part of my life. I drink coffee on a daily basis, so just to imagine cutting sugar from my diet would already require a big sacrifice on my part.

Thankfully, I discovered Glorious Blend Coffee! And they sent me this cute box full of their different products! At first, I was hesitant because I was never a huge fan of instant coffee mixes because I do not know what exactly goes into my coffee. I like making my own coffee because by that, I get control of what I put in my coffee. But still, I decided to give it a try, and I really liked it.

The first one that I tried was the 7 in 1 Coffee Mix. This is my favorite of the three coffee given to me. It’s creamy and sweet, but guilt-free because it doesn’t have sugar in its ingredients! And I really like my coffee guilt-free. It’s also low in calories because it only contains 90 calories per cup, so you can most definitely indulge yourself with this! My sister really likes this coffee, and she said she’d definitely have more of this.

The next one that I tried was the 5 in 1 Brown Coffee Mix with Brown Rice. This was definitely something that I wanted to try because how often would you get a coffee mixed with brown rice? So, I tried this, and I was a little bit surprised with the taste. Truth be told, I was expecting real brown rice mixed with my coffee because that was in the name of the coffee… But I didn’t get any actual rice in my coffee. The taste was not as sweet as the 7 in 1 Coffee Mix, although it was also a good combination. It was a good change because I would admit that I like my coffee a little sweet. But this one? It wasn’t sweet, but it wasn’t bitter. It was just in the middle. And I finished my cup! And that was saying something because I really couldn’t stand coffee if it’s not sweet! So, kudos to this 5 in 1 Brown Coffee. 

This was the coffee that my Dad liked the most, me? Not so much because as mentioned previously, I am not much fan of bitter coffee. But this one’s okay because it’s bitter, but not too much that I wouldn’t be able to handle a sip or two. It’s the kind of coffee that I’d get when I know that I’m up for a long night. Or the kind that I’d get when I’m growing tired of sweet coffee. It’s bitter but not overpowering that you won’t get to enjoy the taste of coffee. Truth be told, I drank this one when I was preparing for a quiz in one of the subjects I was struggling in law school. I was kept awake until dawn, and I was thankful for it.

And lastly, my absolute favorite! I am a sucker for chocolate drinks! And I swear I love this 7 in 1 Choco Mix because it’s creamy and chocolatey, but not too sweet that it’s causing me headache. The first time I tried it, I had to go for another cup because it’s that good! And when I read the ingredients, I discovered that it’s also sugar-free, so hurray for that! I’ll definitely recommend this one because it’s really good! And since it’s kinda raining a lot lately, this one’s perfect for the mood. Imagine having a cup of hot chocolate while rain’s pouring outside? Perfect, right?

These coffee and chocolate products of Glorious Blend are all sugar-free, so it’s really good for our health. I only lately realize how important taking care of our health is–or I already knew that before, but I never really put much effort in making sure that I am eating healthy. But that changes now. I am all for eating healthy and staying healthy without having to change my lifestyle drastically. So, if you’re like me and you want to be healthy but also don’t want to give up your daily cup of coffee, this one’s definitely for you!

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