For Hire 2: Good Girl Gone Bad


Meet the new Dana Kathryn Ferrer.

A little bit older and wiser, and a lot more confident, Dana—or DK, as she now prefers to be called—is the life of every party. Since he-who-must-not-be-named left her, DK has reinvented herself. Gone is the girl who’s always pining for that boy. These days, DK, who manages to catch the attention of any boy she deems worthy of her time, gets to pick anyone she wants.

She’s completely over Cyriel Edrian Perez.

But when she finds out that Cyriel is coming back, her perfect little world goes haywire. And when Andrei Louie Guzman starts courting her—a romantic Filipino tradition he’s never bothered following for any other girl—she still won’t give him the time of the day.

Does DK simply want closure, or could it be that she’s not completely over the boy who broke her heart?

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