I’m Ariesa Jane Domingo. Currently, I’m attending San Beda University and taking up Bachelor of Laws. I’m on my second year now, and hopefully, soon, I’ll be a member of the Philippine Bar Association.

When I’m not studying, I like watching series. A few of my favorites are Game of Thrones, Scandal, and Elementary. I’m not a big fan of movies, although if it’s a movie about war or anything military-related, I’m always down to watch. I also like reading stories especially those of John Grisham and Agatha Christie.

I’m also a writer. I write stories based on my preference. Some say that my stories are complicated, but I will argue that my stories have their own happy ending. I guess I just don’t usually go for the conventional way. My life is pretty laid-back. I have a loving family, supportive friends, appreciative readers, my school life’s doing all right, and generally, I just love my life… maybe that’s the reason why in my stories, I like to spice things up.

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